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Ongoing Classes

The following classes are offered for personal development purposes. They are not part of the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association Education Program and are not applicable as credit classes for certification.


Facilitator: Rev. Arlene Raedel
8-week course on the Akashic Records:
Reading Your Soul Book in the Akashic
Level Three

Begins June 29, 2017
-is now closed to new enrollees-
Thursdays @ 7:00 P.M. in the Healing Temple
$20.00 a lesson
Details & Download flyer here
RSVP and/or information please call: 951-306-4516 or email


Hosted by Rev. Jean Avila
Come join the fun !!!
This interactive circle focuses on personal
Spiritual Development and World Healing.
Beginners welcome.
Class is monthly on the 4th Friday
6:30 pm. to 8:00 pm.

Donations go to reconstruction, Rebuild-Renew-Rejoice!!
Held in the Healing Temple
Love Donation

Questions? Please email
Download flyer here



Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association is open and
receptive to new thoughts and progressive philosophies
of Spiritualism. If you are an ordained Spiritualist Minister
and would like to serve at Harmony Grove:
Contact Us

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association assumes no responsibility or obligation regarding, and does not warrant either expressed or implied, the content and the materials presented in any séance, circle, class or
workshop conducted on the premises.


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